….and I got this necklace, a Sponge Bob piñata, and a bottle of tequila for each one of girls.”

First Lady Laura Bush was spreading a little Librarian Love in Mexico City this week.

In statements to the Mexican press made in Washington and published Wednesday in Reforma daily, Laura Bush explained she and her husband had lived in Texas for many years and have a special sensitivity for the problems of the U.S. Hispanic community.

“There are so many stories about immigrants and the children of immigrants in the United States. Our whole country is made up of immigrants who were able to overcome poverty and obtain good jobs. There are many examples in my husband’s administration,” the first lady noted.

The First Lady, identified in Mexican papers as Senora Alineada de Pinata, also pointed out that she and President Bush (Sr. Borracho y Estupido) had spent their honeymoon in Mexico City and Cozumel where they engaged in heavy drinking, shouting out commands in English to contemptuous service employees, as well as other acts of rampant Ugly Americanism.

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