Stop the (upcoming) war…from the comfort of your own home

Thanks to Kim B for passing this along:

Dear MoveOn Member,

As you know, Congress will likely vote whether or not to support a military
attack on Iraq in the next week. Whether that vote passes, and whether we
go to war, critically depend upon how much our Representatives and Senators
hear from us now.

MoveOn is recruiting a team of volunteer lobbyists who will contact
Representatives’ key foreign policy staff members to ensure they are well
informed about the depth and breadth of opposition to a war. It’s important
that they understand precisely why we believe a campaign against Iraq would
be a terrible move for our country.

The lobbying effort will be the final push before the vote in MoveOn’s
extensive Iraq campaign. Over the last four months, MoveOn members have
made over 10,000 phone calls to Congress, written thousands of letters to
the editor, and participated in meetings with Senators’ offices in every

Being a volunteer lobbyist would take about four hours a week for the next
two weeks. You don’t need to be in Washington, D.C. — you’ll most likely do
your work over the phone. We’ll provide a detailed guide and script, but you
should be comfortable engaging in a discussion in your own words about the
war in Iraq.

Since time is so short, if you’re interested we need you to apply by 5pm
TODAY. We’re looking for volunteers in every congressional district in the
country, which is going to be tough. We know we’re pretty thin in some
districts, so please let us know immediately if you can help. If we have
more folks than we can handle in some districts, we’ll let you know right

With a strong grassroots lobbying team, we can turn the tide.

–Eli Pariser

International Campaigns Director


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