Fan mail (yeah..I get some) from overseas…

Andrew F. writes

Excellent concept. Just what I need these days.

I’m currently living in Switzerland. My friends and colleagues — an
eclectic mix of nationalities — are truly unnerved and perplexed by Dubya
and the mighty American machine. As am I.

Brief summary of the rhythms of living abroad over the past two years:

Pre-9/11 — just another American expat, remember not to talk so loud and
try not to let the cigarette smoking bother you (Switzerland has the
highest incidence of smoking in Europe after like the Czech Republic or
some place like that).

Right after 9/11 — lots of sympathy and heartfelt concern, people are
truly shocked by the events, but as an expat, you’re a bit on edge, some
background concerns about “them,” so, try to keep a low profile.

Present — keep a really low profile, not because of “them” — Switzerland
once again feels very safe and secure — but to avoid making the locals
uncomfortable, cuz when people realize you’re from the US, they assume
you’re on side with the Bushies, and they tend to project that on to you.

Anyway, great blog. Hope you can keep it up.

I thought the last comment was rather personal…but thanks anyway, Andrew.

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