Why does George Bush hate average working Americans?

This puzzles me. What does George Bush have against the average working guy? I mean, Laura is tired of Tom Ridge hanging around the White House all day, sleeping on their sofa every night, and then he never, ever, rinses out his cereal bowl, and would it kill him to replace the toilet paper roll when it runs out? So every morning when Bush get ready to leave for work, right after he watches Blue’s Clues, Laura says, “Bushie…see if you can get Tom a job today, okay? You’re the Warrior President…pull some strings. Oh, and you forgot to put on your pants again”.

But yet, as much as they would like Tom out of the house, he still won’t sign the Homeland Security bill.

He hates working people so much that he would rather not have a Homeland Security Department, which means that we are at the mercy of evildoers from all the swarthy people countries. Which leads me to ask:

Why does George Bush hate America?

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