So….. what sorority did Bush belong to?

Mo Dowd hits this one out of the park.

Looks like Dowd woke up and smelled the coming carnage. Since President in Exile Gore spoke the other day, I really expected she would take some cheap shots at him. Anyway, I loved this part:

I used to think the Bush hawks suffered from testosterone poisoning, always throwing sharp elbows and cartoonishly chesty my-way-or-the-highway talk around the world, when a less belligerent tone would be classier and more effective.

But now we have the spectacle of the 70-year-old Rummy acting like a 16-year-old Heather, vixen-slapping those lower in the global hierarchy, trying to dominate and silence the beta countries with less money and fewer designer weapons.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....