Fool me once…then it’s probably a Sullivan column

Maybe someone should explain to Andy Sullivan that, when you write a blog and provide links, that sometimes…just sometimes, people are actually going to go to those links. A case in point:

In the last week or so, a new slurry of phony arguments has emerged against the war with Iraq. The increasingly unhinged MoDo just asserted that a war against Iraq is actually a function of a “culture war” that Rumsfeld and Cheney are engineering to get back at their Vietnam era peacenik peers. Paul Krugman today takes up what’s left of his column (once he’s addressed the errors he’s made in other recent columns) to another argument.

So, what was Paul Kugman’s “error”?:

Halliburton has objected to my use of the word “confiscate” in summarizing changes in pension benefits to employees whose divisions were sold, changes described in a Sept. 10 New York Times article. Although Halliburton’s actions were legal — I did not suggest otherwise — they had the effect of depriving workers of benefits they had been led to expect. In particular, workers who planned to take early retirement were informed that they had “severed” their employment relationship — even though they had no choice in the matter — and that as a result, if they retired early they would not receive the level of benefits suggested by their retirement plan statements. However much Halliburton may try to put a spin on its actions, its behavior remains, as one pension expert quoted in the original article put it, “scandalous.”

I don’t know. That doesn’t sound like a correction, so much as a response to a Halliburton snit about his choice of words. It’s not uncommon for people to have differences over a choice of terms, without either one being wrong. For example, the administration prefers “regime change” whereas I prefer “steal the oil and distract people from an economy in a death spiral “. See? You can do this at home. We’re both right.

So Andy, if you can put down that article on chest hair making a comeback, maybe you will can go back and see that a difference in terms is not necessarily a “correction”.

Oh, and Andy, you really have to get over being fired by Howell Raines. He’s getting tired of those late night weepy phone calls. Move on, man. Move on.

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