Irrelevant watch

As we all know, ever since President Bush (known in Mexico as estupido y borracho) spoke to the UN, the administration word of the day has been “irrelevant”. Bush (known in China as Dim Son) has used it repeatedly as has Cheney, Rice, Ari, Powell and a whole bunch of other administration officials who are hard to tell apart because they’re all white and wear suits with little flag pins on the lapel.

Well, today , President in Exile Al Gore spoke out against the upcoming US-Iraq Steel Cage Deathmatch that Bush (known in France as le lâche) wants to spend your Medicare money on. Now the linked msnbc story pretty much covers the same story you can find in Reuters, CNN.com, yahoo, etc. except for this little journalistc scoop:

A senior White House official called the former vice president “irrelevant,” saying that “no one around here is remotely concerned about what he has to say” on the subject of war with Iraq, NBC’s Campbell Brown reported. “He is out of the mainstream with his own party,” the official said.

There’s that word again.

Now, Campbell Brown who, I’m sure you are aware, plays a journalist on NBC (only not on The West Wing) decided to share that little gratuitous smear from a “a senior White House official (known everywhere as anonymous cowardly nematode) in an effort to remind us that the guy who ran against Bush (known in Germany as Hitler) in 2000 isn’t important even though he got, oh, about 50,996,116 votes in the last election, which was more than…well…you know.

So thank you Campbell Brown for that journalistic coup. I’m sure that when the Pulitzers are handed out next year, and your name gets mentioned, we can expect irrelevant to brought back out of retirement just for you.

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