It’s enough to make Ben Nighthorse Campbell switch sides …again

Senator Wayne Allard (R-You know, CO) got to go on Meet the Press this weekend and show everybody what a big brain he has. It wasn’t pretty:

MR. RUSSERT: Let me show you the first 21 months of the Bush administration, in terms of economic factors, and I’ll put them on the screen. On Inauguration Day, the Dow Jones was at 10,587; it’s down 32.5 percent. The unemployment rate, as you see, is up 36 percent. The budget has gone from a $281 billion surplus to $157 billion deficit. Jobs, a loss of two million. Senator Allard, are you comfortable running on that kind of record?

SEN. ALLARD: No, I’m not comfortable with any time we have a deficit. I’m one who believes that we needed to pay down the debt when we were in a surplus, and also believe that we needed to eliminate the deficit. We’re back, like you said in your figures, into deficit spending again. I think the things that we can do to help the economy is that, number one, we need to do something to bring about corporate responsibility so people feel good about the figures that they’re seeing on our companies. We need to make permanent those temporary tax cuts that we passed a year and a half ago.

MR. RUSSERT: That would increase the deficit.

SEN. ALLARD: Well, we argued about that in the past, but you know, I happen to think that when have you the economy doing better, that means more revenue to the federal government, and I don’t think that it necessarily increases the deficit. The other thing that I think that we need to have, we need to have a plan to pay down the deficit. I looked at those figures, and if we don’t institute any more new programs, we stay just at current levels, we’ll be actually out of the deficit in about six years. I just think that we need to have some kind of a deficit reduction plan within the next 10 years.

MR. RUSSERT: But what would be cut? If, in fact, you freeze all programs, people will say you’re cutting farm programs…


MR. RUSSERT: …you’re cutting environmental programs, and you don’t have a prescription drug program.

SEN. ALLARD: You know

MR. RUSSERT: You can’t have it all, have tax cuts, a war in Iraq and still balance the budget.

SEN. ALLARD: Well, you know, only in Washington is the argument made that, you know, if have a less of an increase than what somebody asked for, it’s called a cut. I think we can let the economy go— I’m willing to give a little flexibility for the growth in our budget. But look, you know, I think that we can, as members of the Senate, put in a budget that will balance it within 10 years. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. And we can do it to hold spending down within reasonable levels.

MR. RUSSERT: If you postpone the Bush tax cut, would that be a tax increase?

SEN. ALLARD: Yeah, I think it would be a tax increase, if you postponed the tax cut, yeah.

MR. RUSSERT: Then if you froze spending, why wouldn’t it be a cut?

At this point Senator Allard starting yelling “Iraq! Iraq!” and making bomb noises.

Should Brainiac Wayne not win re-election this November, I believe that he could a have shot as a professional athlete, y’know?

(Thanks to mbroglio on TT for supplying this little tidbit)

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