Less than Zero

Morton Kondracke writes in his latest that House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-No eyebrows.) fully supports George Bush (R-No brain) in his drive for “regime change” in Iraq. According to Kondracke:

According to an attendee at the Sept. 10 meeting – held two days before Bush’s speech to the United Nations – Gephardt declared full support for Bush’s policy of regime change in Iraq.

“He was very strong, he was pointed. There were no weasel words, no ‘give us more evidence,’ no circumlocutions.”

This witness quoted Gephardt as saying, “Regime change in Iraq has been the declared policy of the United States and it should be our policy. Saddam Hussein is a bad guy. We’ve got to get him out of there. You have my full support.”


Countering anti-war forces in the Democratic Caucus led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) and Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), he’s arguing that the Sept. 11 attacks should “lower the level of proof” required before taking action against Hussein.

At the Sept. 10 meeting, a witness said, Pelosi told the president, “You haven’t convinced me” of the need for action and urged that he make nuclear nonproliferation a higher priority of his administration.

On the basis of what I’ve heard from and about Gephardt, I clearly was wrong to write last week that he’s among the Democratic presidential aspirants who’s showing less than presidential-level leadership in the Iraq crisis. He’s leading in his trademark fashion – by tireless listening and consensus-building.

So at the same time that Gephardt is desperately trying to take back the House to make himself Speaker, with his eyebrowless eyes gazing longingly on the White House, he wants to join in on Bush’s reindeer games. Now maybe it’s just me, or where I live, but does anyone, anywhere really get excited at the prospect of a Dick Gephardt presidency? Did anyone even care before this latest?

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