I’ll take “Questions about the Soviet Union for $400, Alex”

Condoleeza Rice, George Bush’s best-est friend in the whole world as well as his National Security Advisor, says that the US will be “completely devoted” to rebuilding Iraq after we bomb the shit out of it.

Ms Rice, speaking in an interview with the Financial Times, signalled US willingness to spend time and money rebuilding Iraq after the fall of Mr Hussein’s regime.

Ms Rice, who specialty is the Soviet Union (a country that no longer exists) was the one who reviewed the pre-9/11 intelligence information with a vacationing Bush in Crawford last year, where they failed to connect the dots, or at least they connected some of the dots until they spelled out: “tax cut”. Then they went outside and cut some brush and did cowboy stuff. This year Ms. Rice is helping to lead the administration’s efforts to convince world opinion that an attack on Iraq is warranted under Operation Because I Said So… When You’re A Superpower You Can Pick The Country To Blow Up, So There.

Meanwhile, Americans unable to get Medicare to pay for the cancer-fighting drugs, blood-clotting factors, or breast biopsies they need will instead be given timeshare vouchers for the newly rebuilt Tigris View Condominium Estates in lovely Tikrit, featuring sand volleyball courts and an Olympic sized swimming pool (location subject to suitable bomb craters). Please see our associates for further details.

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