You got this in PowerPoint?

Bush has been given his options on how to proceed in the war against Iraq, that he hasn’t really even decided that he is going to have others fight, even if he is emptying out every military base in America and shipping the soldiers off to Camp Re-Election in Qatar. Anyway, I felt pretty good about this considering our Commander in Chief is the Warrior President, Prince Hal, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, or Gunga Din according to our fair and balanced media.

But when I got to the end of the article and I read this:

Every scenario has real dangers. In the end, President Bush will have to decide how much risk he—and the American people—can tolerate. With Saddam almost certainly building weapons of mass destruction, the greater risk, say White House hawks, is inaction. The top brass may have to swallow their traditional caution and offer up a plan that accepts the possibility of heavy casualties

It made me remember this:

“If there’s a 10-page paper,”says chief of staff Clay Johnson, Bush wants to know “what are the two pages that contain all the content?” (Washington Post, 1/19/00…courtesy of Paul Begala)

Wouldn’t we feel a lot better about planning for war if it was okayed by someone who could get through all the options without getting distracted by that shiny tag on Barney’s collar? I know I would.

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