Just leave the money on the bedstand on your way out…

Charles Krauthammer, who is a lot like Dr. Strangelove, but without the sex appeal, doesn’t think the Democratic Party knows how to pick and choose their wars. He states:

This hierarchy of values is bizarre but not new. Liberal internationalism — the foreign policy school of the modern Democratic Party (and of American liberalism more generally) — is deeply suspicious of actions taken for reasons of naked national interest. After all, this is the party that in the last decade voted overwhelmingly against the Persian Gulf War, where vital American interests were at stake (among them, keeping the world’s largest reservoir of oil out of the hands of a hostile dictator), while supporting humanitarian military interventions in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo, places with only the remotest connection to American security interests.

For those keeping score at home, that’s Oil 1, Stopping Genocide -4. Defenseless people being killed…tsk tsk, but you’ll have to pry this bottle of Castrol 30 weight from my cold dead fingers you evildoer, you. Frankly, I prefer American soldiers as heroes, not as mercenaries. Krauthammer demands to differ…

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