A photo of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, California, photographed on February 4, 2007. A new report accuses Twin Towers, along with other Los Angeles county prisons, of dangerous and inhumane treatment of black female inmates. (Wikimedia Commons / Jjz3d83)
13 Aug 2015

Black Women With Mental Illness Suffer Horrific Abuses In LA County Jails

On the heels of the Justice Department’s settlement agreement forcing Los Angeles County jails to adopt a number of reforms aimed at improving conditions for inmates, a new report by Dignity and Power Now explores the horrifying human rights abuses endured by black female inmates in the county. The report, entitled “Breaking the Silence,” features the testimonies of seven formerly incarcerated women and two former psychiatric workers from the county.

Adam Horine, a prisoner from Kentucky, poses against a brick wall. Two Kentucky police officers face charges after putting Horine on a one-way bus to Florida instead of helping him obtain the help he needed. (Carrollton Police Department)
12 Aug 2015

Kentucky Police Indicted After Sending Mentally Ill Inmate on One-Way Trip to Florida

A local police chief and an officer in Carrollton County, Kentucky, were indicted by a grand jury this week after allegedly placing a 31-year-old mentally ill inmate on a bus to Florida instead of taking him to the hospital for a court-ordered psychological evaluation. Attorney General for the state of Kentucky Jack Conway said in a press release today that officers Ronald Dickow and Michael Willhoite were indicted on charges of kidnapping and official misconduct.