A protester in an "Anonymous" Guy Fawkes mask holds a sign reading "Defend the Rights of All!" at a protest against Canada's controversial C-51 anti-terrorism legislation on April 18, 2015. C-51 follows a familiar American playbook of blaming terrorism to justify taking away freedom. (Flickr / Sally T. Buck)
06 Oct 2015

No More Nice Canada: C-51 Anti-Terrorism Law A Sign Of A Growing Police State

C-51, a controversial anti-terrorism bill, shows how Canada uses the threat of terrorism to justify decreasing freedom, just like its neighbor to the south.

Protesters with the ISIS flag at a rally for Sharia law in Maldives on September 5, 2014. (Flickr / Dying Regime)
16 Sep 2015

Phyllis Bennis: ISIS Is Filling The Holes Left By The US War On Terror

What gave rise to ISIS and how is the group holding onto power? To answer these questions, journalist, activist and political commentator Phyllis Bennis connects the dots between the fall of Iraq, the U.S. “War on Terror,” and oil.

19 May 2015

MENA Mashup: Pentagon claims Ramadi a mere setback are ‘delusional’

McClatchy published this excellent report yesterday…Experts: U.S. claims Ramadi a mere setback are ‘delusional’ WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Monday called the fall of the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province to the Islamic State a temporary setback that Iraqi forces would reverse with U.S. support. Experts dismissed that assessment as