File: A protest sign reads "Black Lives Matter" at a "Ferguson to Madison" rally in Wisconsin on December 3, 2014. (Flickr / Kaitlyn Veto)
26 Aug 2015

Ferguson Protesters Unveil Campaign Zero, Can It Help End Police Brutality?

Three Ferguson protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement recently unveiled Campaign Zero, a set of 10 demands for police reform. Shadowproof readers discussed the possibilities on social media, and while many supported the ideas in the plan, others argued that it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Activists hold a Black Lives Matter banner in New York City's Prospect Heights on August 9, 2015, part of a national commemoration of the 1-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri. (Flickr / The All-Nite Images)
10 Aug 2015

A Year After Mike Brown’s Death, Ferguson Activists Fear Little Has Changed

It’s been one year since Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown outside his apartment complex in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Despite superficial changes in the political landscape, people are still being shot by police and community members and activists are still struggling for justice.

Part of "Ferguson Rocks" concert poster
10 Aug 2015

Protest Song of the Week: ‘Fire Next Time’

It was the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown, the black teenager in Ferguson who was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson. To mark the event, a concert of revolutionary musicians called “Ferguson Rocks” was held in St. Louis. The lineup included Tom Morello and the Freedom Fighter Orchestra,

Black Lives Matter - Light Brigading CC NC Flickr
09 Aug 2015

Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Here To Stay

DeRay McKesson: “The movement began one year ago as Brown’s body lay in the street of Canfield Drive here in Ferguson, Missouri, for four and a half hours. It began as the people of St Louis came out of their homes to mourn and to question, as the people were greeted by armed and aggressive officers. And the movement was sustained by a spirit of resistance that refused to be silent, that refused to cower, that refused to bow to continued hostility from the state.”

Marchers in New York City hold signs reading "Black Lives Matter" and "Is My Son Next?" at a march on November 28, 2014 targeting Black Friday consumerism. (Flickr / The All-Nite Images)
06 Aug 2015

“Kids Who Die”: A Movement Grows #Ferguson (VIDEO)

In 1938 civil rights activist and poet Langston Hughes wrote his chilling poem “Kids Who Die” which illuminates the horrors of lynchings during the Jim Crow era. Now, Hughes’ vivid poetry is being featured in a three minute video created by Frank Chi and Terrance Green. It is a startling reminder that the assault on Black lives did not end with the Jim Crow era.