A micrograph (photo taken through a microscope) of a section of an Ovarian tumor. (Wikimedia Commons / Nephron)
07 Aug 2015

Effective Ovarian Cancer Treatment Underused Because It’s Unprofitable

From The New York Times: “Dr. Markman said that when a treatment involves a new drug or a new device, manufacturers eagerly offer doctors advice and instructions on its use. But this treatment involves no new drugs or devices, so no one is clamoring to educate doctors about it. They are on their own to learn, and to train their nurses, a commitment that will take time and money.”

Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. (Wikimedia Commons / Kathleen T. Rhem)
29 Jul 2015

Guantanamo Lawyers’ Alarmingly High Cancer Rate Sparks Military Investigation

Despite promises to close the detention center during Barack Obama’s presidential run, the prison at the Guantanamo Bay naval base remains open. And now it appears those detained at the controversial site aren’t the only ones suffering and dying — their lawyers are also facing grave illness.